Terri Lynn


Girl, it’s time for you to THRIVE in all areas of your life.

Are you sick and tired of focusing on one area of life to the detriment of another?

  • You lose weight but can’t seem to excel at your career…
  • You finally have a 6 pack but you’re so tired you can hardly function…
  • You have a thriving spiritual life but can’t seem to commit to your physical health…
  • You’re thriving in your career but you’re stressed out of your mind and your health is paying the price…

It’s time you to find mind, body and soul health & alignment
– so you can THRIVE!

My name is Terri Lynn and I’m a RHP

Back when I was working in a clinical setting, I recognized my clients were spending so much time focusing on their physical health, yet were still unable to fix their symptoms or achieve the level of health they desired.

For example, a client may have completely overhauled their nutrition and fitness habits, yet still suffered from unusual fatigue or other lifestyle related health conditions…

This is when I realized most ‘health’ programs neglect the fact that your whole life, ALL aspects of the mind, body and spirit, contribute to your overall state of health.

With this realization came the creation of my holistic health coaching method. This involves delving not just into your physical health but your mindset, spiritual and lifestyle health as well. This combination is often the key to long term and sustainable change!

I typically work with women who are suffering with one or more of the following:

Fatigue or low energy


Unable to lose weight

High levels of stress

Feeling heavy and bloated

Feeling moody and overwhelmed

Gut/digestion issues

Brain fog or lack of focus

Life trauma or suppression of voice (e.g., dealing with rape, conservative religious rules, or feeling unable to find your voice as a woman)

And anything else that makes you feel like you’re not able to live your best life!

If you believe the above is exactly what your soul is seeking
book your first session today!

*Due to COVID-19 I have felt drawn to reduce my pricing by 50% until further notice. I want to help as many women as I can during this difficult time! You will find this link includes updated pricing.


What is it Like Working With Terri Lynn?