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What we Should all Learn from a Child

I have become increasingly fascinated with how children seem to have an internal nutritionist from the moment they emerge from the womb. 

            There are more and more studies being published every year indicating that children know exactly what nutrition they need and when. 

Kids doubling, tripling up the amount they eat just before a growth spurt or eating considerably less inflammatory foods just before they get sick. 

            Then why as adults do, we no longer have this inner internal nutritionist? 

Because more than likely, it was coached out of us as children.  Our guardians with GREAT intentions forced us to stay at the table until we were finished our plate when our bodies said DON’T FINISH THE PLATE!  You are full!  We were taught to eat less when our bodies wanted more and to eat more when our bodies wanted less.  After years and years of this, that internal nutritionist in most of us dies.

            The question becomes, as adults, can we return to the likeness of a child? 

Can we reawaken that internal nutritionist? 

After diving into this subject the past couple months, I believe the answer is YES!  In fact, I am so fascinated by this subject I decided to begin my second degree in nutrition.  I want a deeper understanding of the mind/body science behind this phenomenon and HOW I can aid my clients in the best way to reawaken their internal nutritionist!  

            You know it wouldn’t be a true Terri Lynn blog unless I gave you actionable steps that you can incorporate TODAY to begin seeing a change. 

Below I will share my best tip to begin the process toward awakening your brilliant, internal nutritionist!


            Let’s think about it.  Imagine your day of eating from start to finish.  Likely it looks something like this…

Emily awoke with a start as her alarm screamed in her ear.  As her feet hit the floor, she recognized the familiar feeling of exhaustion.  Knowing she only had 40 minutes to get out the door she quickly had a shower, did her hair and makeup and ran out the door.  On the way to work she swung into the drive thru of her favourite coffeehouse and grabbed her usual XL latte and muffin.  The moment she entered the office the craziness began, it was 2:00 before she lifted her head and realized she hadn’t had lunch.  She called her assistant and asked her to order in some Chinese food.  The afternoon flew by and by the time she left the office it was past 7.  Once she got home, she breathed a sigh of relief, flung off her bra and called up the local pizza joint.  Feeling hangry she grabbed the tub of ice cream from the fridge to snack on while waiting for the pizza.

            How many times did we see Emily check in with her body and ask what it needed?  How many times do you think Emily even took a deep breath and tuned in before making a food decision?  I know we all have different kinds of crazy.  For some of us it’s running around with our kids all freakin day and for the next person it’s battling chronic pain or fatigue.  But the common denominator among majority of the world’s population, is our inability to slow down when it comes to food. 

            This week I want you to ask yourself just one question before consuming any food.  Just ONE!  We can do that right??

If I would eat the food right now that would make me feel the best, mind and body, what would it be?

            That’s all!!  I’m not even telling you that you need to then go eat that food.  All I want is for you to begin the process of tuning in before consuming. 

            If you do decide to take on this challenge, please send me a DM on Instagram!  I want to know how it goes for you throughout the week!!

            Xoxo, Terri Lynn

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