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How to Stop Restricting Food

This topic is obviously much larger than what I can slam into a short blog post but, I wanted to give you a tangible step you can take this week that will aid you in releasing our diet culture’s suggestion of continually restricting food. 

Now I don’t know about you, but personally restricting food consumes my WORLD!  I have many, many times been put on restrictive diets and let me tell you, I think about my restrictions CONSTANTLY!  I can’t have dairy or gluten?  I am DREAMING of clouds of cream cheese and men made of glutinous bread!!!  You tell me I need to go 3 months on this insanely restrictive diet?  Cool.  THE ENTIRE TIME I’m imagining what I am going to eat the day this ends!!   

These past couple months my #1 intention has been to become a less anxious eater.  And the biggest thing I’ve noticed that has helped is returning to healthy food BASICS instead of trying this new diet or that insane restriction. 

What does that mean?  I’ve been putting a lot of emphasis on REPLACING instead of RESTRICTING. 

Instead of cutting out meat I’ve replaced beef with chicken or turkey 

Instead of focusing on having no sugar I have simply replaced white sugar with stevia, honey, maple syrup, unsweetened apple sauce, coconut sugar & monk fruit sweetener 

Instead of focusing on having no gluten I have simply replaced white flour with whole wheat flour, oat flour and almond flour 

Instead of focusing on having no dairy I’ve been purchasing non-GMO cheese and low fat dairy products (I do NOT recommend this for everyone!!  Me and my hubby just notice we personally feel completely fine consuming low-fat dairy opposed to full fat!  Fat free is NOT always healthier!!) 

Instead of focusing on not having any carbs I’ve been focusing on replacing ¼ cup of flour in each recipe with protein powder 

Do you see what I’m doing there?  Instead of focusing on what NOT to have I have simply made replacements!   

What has shocked me the past few months has been watching my mind slowly calm down around food.  It definitely hasn’t happened overnight, and I have almost had a panic attack eating cheese, but over the months, my relationship with food has become increasingly more peaceful. 

I don’t think about everything I cannot have every day.  It’s like the moment I told myself, “You can have whatever you want!” the temptation to binge eat on foods that were forbidden completely went away.  Suddenly I could think clearly about what I could consume that would actually nourish me.  I could hear my body again. 

I challenge you to take just one step toward this this week!  Don’t try changing everything at once, that’s when the change doesn’t stick!  Choose one replacement from above or maybe you’ve had a different replacement come to mind while reading this.  Then commit to that one and see how it goes!   

As always, I love hearing from you guys!  So, throw me a DM on Instagram letting me know how it goes! 

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