Terri Lynn

How to Find The Opportunity

I know, I know, the world is an absolute shit show right now.  Let’s start by fully acknowledging that.  Now what if, what if, instead of continually seeing through the lens of fear, we chose to find the opportunity?

            I had this moment this morning where I was just overflowing with gratitude for this season of life.  And then suddenly I started to feel guilty.  Like I shouldn’t be this joyful, this happy, this grateful when the entire world is going through a pandemic. 

            Wait a minute, what?!  I’m going to CHOOSE to feel crappier because the world is going through a tough time?  Ahhhh, nope.  That doesn’t feel right. 

            So, why am I feeling so grateful?  I started to journal it out and I recognized that I had chosen to find the opportunity in this time.

            2 months ago, I had just been discharged from the hospital and was settling back in at home.  It was such an awkward time for me.  People wanting to talk, events happening monthly, clients assuming I was back to work.  I said ‘no’ an average of 3x/day. 

“No, I’m sorry, I can’t plan a phone call date with you.  I simply have no idea when I will feel good and when I won’t.” 

“No, I’m sorry, you dropping off a meal and chatting for a few minutes is just too much, I know that doesn’t make sense.  But it’s simply the truth.” 

“No, I can’t go to that event I promised I would attend, a conference plus travel is simply too stressful for my body right now.”

            It KILLED me!!!  As a people pleaser it was horrendous knowing I was hurting and offending so many people every day.  So many people who simply couldn’t understand where I was coming from because they had never walked in my shoes. 

            So why am I feeling so freakin epic during quarantine?  Because it’s like a divine gift form the Universe to give me the space I need to heal.  The nos are substantially reduced, because nobody can see each other anyway!!  Events that I was supposed to be attending are cancelled and are moved online, perfect for me!!!  It’s like life has come to a screeching, grinding halt so that I can fully do me.  Slowly ease back into work.  Ease back into building my dreams again and honestly, ease back into society after staring death in the face!

            So that’s my opportunity.  What’s yours?

            Maybe you’re laid off.  Maybe that freakin sucks!!  And maybe, just maybe, this time can be you actually beginning that side hustle you had always dreamt of.  Maybe, the Universe is perfectly conspiring in your favour…

            Maybe your kids are home from school and it’s driving you CRAZY!!  But maybe, just maybe, you had been praying for an opportunity to get to spend more time with your kids and get to know them each individually.  Maybe this is an answer to your prayer…

            Maybe you have so much distance from all your friends it’s driving you BONKERS!!  Maybe, just maybe, when you were crying out for new friends and a way to get out of your toxic friend circle.  Maybe this is the answer to your deepest desires…

            See what I mean?  I am by no means trying to minimize the brutality of what’s going on in the world.  It’s HORRIBLE!  People are seriously struggling, and I get that!  But please, just for the length of this blog, open your mind to the possibility that there is an opportunity in this for YOU.


            Terri Lynn

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