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How to Create a Morning Routine that WORKS!

Emily had been my client for several months when I noticed a pattern.  Every time we would come up with a new, customized, well rounded morning routine it would inspire the sh*t out of her for approximately 3 weeks.  For three weeks she would heal, shift, and be incredibly motivated.  And then she wouldn’t be.  Then her morning routine would become a chore.  Then we were back at ground zero.  And the pattern would start all over again.

One night I woke up with an idea!  (As great ideas could never hit at 3pm, they must always arise at 3am…) I grabbed my journal that I keep beside my bed because of these night revelations of mine and I wrote out 30 different activities that I’ve assigned to clients for their morning routines before.  Then I separated the activities into categories.  Inspire, Release or Receive.  The 3 components I believe to be essential to a morning routine.  10 activities per component.  Then I wrote beside each approximately how much time each activity would take.  And to my surprise they all landed in either the 1-2-minute category, 5-minute or 15+ minutes.

The next morning, I roughly typed up these 3 flashcards and threw her an email with the explanation on how to use them.  Emily has now been using the IRR Mornings strategy for over a year and is still in love!  I’ve started utilizing this strategy with majority of my clients and after each of them fell head over heels, I knew I needed to share it with you.

*Emily’s name has been changed to protect her privacy

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