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5 Ways to Stay Sane While Self Isolating



I know, I know, you’ve heard it a million times.  But I just need to mention it!!  Why?  Because I am seeing a lot of “just do what makes you happy during this time” and the girl inside me who has struggled with anxiety and depression is screaming!!!  Truth:  Staying away from people and inside is a perfect cocktail for mental health issues.  Also, True:  Movement helps SO MUCH!!!  I’m not saying you need to train for a marathon like Karen over there, but I am saying, move your body for at least 30 minutes a day!  There a tons of free workout videos on YouTube, try out a bunch of different types during this time!  Who knows, you might come out the other end with a new workout addiction!!



Before you throw your bag of Cheetos at me, hear me out!  I’m NOT SAYING YOU CAN’T HAVE THE CHEETOS.  I am simply asking you to eat them mindfully.  What does that mean?  That means not eating them while working at your computer, not eating them while binging the newest season of Riverdale and not eating them while scrolling through TikTok.  When we eat while doing other things we 1. Eat substantially more and 2. Tend to be eating for a reason other than nourishing ourselves.  If you want the Cheetos, take out a plate and put some Cheetos on it.  Then sit down at the table and actually BE PRESENT with your Cheetos.  Trust me, you are actually going to enjoy them so much more!!



For most of us, we are finding ourselves at home for substantially more hours a week than we are used to.  For many people, this is leading to hours of watching news.  That habit ain’t gonna help your mental health.  And I want to help as many people as possible come out of this as mentally strong as possible!!  So, I recommend, choose a project!  Have you thought of Marie Kondoing your home?  Now’s the time!!  (I actually have a podcast on this coming out this week…stay tuned!) Have you always wanted to pick up gardening?  Now’s the time!  Always been curious about knitting one of those huge blankets?  Girl, here’s your chance!!  I’d love to see the projects you are going to dive into, take an Insta story and tag me on Instagram!



Yes, I stole that line from Rachel Hollis.  But as she said, it wasn’t her line to begin with, we all kinda steal quotes from each other all the time anyway.  But for reals, DRINK YOUR WATER!!  I know you aren’t in a normal routine and I know it’s hard to remember to get your water in.  But trust me, water is going to help flush out those extra Cheetos.  It’s going to help you feel more awake and energetic and help energize you during a time where it is so easy to be lazy. DRINK THE STUPID WATER!!!



If every aspect of your routine has been thrown up against the wall, commit to this one routine.  A Morning Routine.  I truly believe that having a morning routine can set us up for a radically better day than not having one!  Not sure where to start? Bored of your morning routine?  Good thing I just released a Free eBook called IRR Mornings!  This eBook will help you stick to your morning routine if you have 5 minutes or 1 hour.  It will help you continually change and evolve your morning routine and it will help you stay inspired week after week as you commit to your morning routine!  Plus, you can win free stuff, just for doing your morning routine!!  Get it emailed to you here!

I hope these tips help you stay sane while self-isolating.  As you implement these, tag me on social media!  I’d love to see how these are helping you out during this time!!


Terri Lynn

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