Terri Lynn

About Me

Hi, I Am Terri Lynn

Terri Lynn is a Licensed Health & Nutrition Counsellor who lives and breathes what she teaches! Her passion toward health began after a terrifying health scare at the age of 20 when she found herself having to withdraw from University in order to spend time at the Mayo Clinic seeking expert medical aid.

After being diagnosed with a laundry list of illnesses she was told her best bet at having a fulfilling life would be to, ‘learn to utilize food as medicine, get rid of all toxic chemicals and live a stress-free, holistic life.’

She made those directions her mission and once she had become accustomed to her new lifestyle, she pursued becoming a Certified Health Coach. After which, she got hired at the top clinic in Winnipeg, MB and found her calling in aiding people to become healthier and happier.

More about My Experience

After working with over 100 clients she decided to become a Certified Life Coach and started her own practice marrying Life Coaching & Health Coaching in order to truly give her clients results from the inside out.
Terri Lynn has stayed true to her promise of continually improving her practice through education & experience. Currently she is pursuing her second degree in nutrition while continuing her online practice.